Class: Cloth – Room: 101

I will go over where the cloth has a high drop rate, so you don’t have to spend hours on end in farming it, in area’s that supposedly are the “Highest drop”. Most walk through’s will send you to other directions, so you don’t have a chance in hell to find the highest drop rate for cloth, or other materials need in the World of Warcraft online game. During my Game play I have been taking notes, when I find a high concentration spot of Materials. And Now I will share with everyone the locations of high drop rate Cloth.

Linen Cloth- fairly simple enough to farm. If you’re thinking Dead-mines, you’d be mistaken. In fact the highest drop rate, for horde anyway, is in Ragefire chasm. Alliance is the Riverpaw Gnolls in West fall, near Sentinel Hill and or Elwynn forest on the way to West fall.

Wool Cloth- Shadowfang Keep has a pretty high drop rating, Dead-Mines also has a decent amount. For Alliance Stormwind Stockade.

Silk Cloth- Scarlet Monastery: Library, Cathedral, Armory. High amount, I collected 240 with in an hour. Ran the dungeons 2 times.
Uldaman has a decent amount.

Mage weave Cloth- Stratholme the run through Stratholme gave me 19 stacks of Mage weave. yes, 19 20 stacks of mage weave. Although I ran in twice and it took me an hour.  There is also another area, Tanaris, the ogres and Pirates have a decent drop amount.

Felcloth- This is the one cloth that I have a hard time finding a decent drop rate for. Some say Fel wood has the highest drop rate when you kill the Satyr’s but I farmed them for 3 hours straight and only ever got 10 cloth. So THAT is a big fat NO. When I did finally find a place to farm Felcloth
I found this out: There’s an imp in Winterspring, named Vi’el, who sells limited stock Felcloth. He sells it for 80s per cloth, he’s in Darkwhisper Gorge, in the cave you see immediately as you walk in. It’s a 5 minute respawn time in his inventory.
I can also confirm that the Misty Grells in Swamp of Sorrows are most likely the best source for these now. In a matter of 15min, I got about 12 Felcloth. on top of that they respawn so fast, sometimes instantly, so you wont have any down time waiting for them to respawn. that was 15 minutes of farming them. 30 minutes gave me a 20 stack.

But the Best Place is: DIRE MAUL.

Rune Cloth- Lower Black rock spire, Upper Black Rock Spire,
Black Rock Depths is a mixed between Rune Cloth and a little bit of Mage weave.

Netherweave- This is for those who just reached out lands that don’t have an alt to farm for them. Hellfire Peninsula would drop the highest from Heckling Fel sprite and flame walker imp. Ramparts is mixed between rune cloth and netherweave. If you have an Alt, there are a couple of places that have mobs that drop a decent amount of Netherweave. Shadowmoon valley- Legion hold area
Netherstorm- Mana Forges are good area’s to farm for Netherweave.

Frostweave cloth– Kaskala in Borean Tundra. Have a level 85? Put the WoTLK dungeons on heroic mode and start farming.

Embersilk– Flamewaker’s near the Molten Front daily quest area in Hyjal, Glopgut Ogres at Glopgut’s Hollow near The Gullet flight point in Twilight Highlands, The humans in the Chamber of The Moon (inside of Obelisk of the moon) in Northwest Uldum before doing the quest line in this area. If you did the quest line than I suggest  Verlok Stand in Deepholm.

Cloth in Mist Of Pandaria will be added at a later date, when I am sure of the drop rates. Yes I did re-install my beta game.


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