SC Recruiting

SC Stands for Soul Collectors. We are on the realm Hyjal, horde faction. We are looking for “active” players.

This guild was created a couple months ago, in the hopes of starting fresh on a new realm different faction. I say active as in on and willing to do Dungeons with the guild, those who are willing to contribute to our guild and not ride on coat tails.

As of right now, we are a leveling dungeon running quest helping guild. However we do have raid experience and do plan on starting a raid team when we have the members.

We do accept all levels, from 1 to 85. I know most players/people have issues with staying connected to the game, yet here in this guild we won’t hold that against you like most guilds do. We have the patients to wait for you to reconnect.

Yes we do in fact do gear and dungeon quest runs for levels 15 to 85, If we are not busy with our own dungeons and raids.
We are mostly a late night Guild, due to working during the day time.
We do have a website, that has been and still is being updated nearly everyday with information pertaining to the guild or information for everyday use in the game.

The most frequently asked question I always receive is: Do you ignore lower levels or any of your members?
The answer to that is NO. We treat all our members equally, be it if their level 1 or 85 everyone get’s the same treatment. Which is, their questions answered, or their dungeons done finally, or their group quests completed. If they need gear we help them anyway we can to get it. Be it from professions or dungeon running for Jp/Vp

Second Frequent question: Is your guild knowledgeable with MoP Information?
Yes we are also prepared for MoP, since most of our guild mates are in the beta, they have been supplying us with information, and helping us get ready for MoP’s release.

Third question: Does your guild Tolerate Drama?
Believe it or not, No, we do not tolerate drama, or stressful players. Or even players that instigate online fights. Gaming is meant for fun not real life drama or stress issues. Of course we talk about stuff pertaining to RL but never bring our frustrations into the game. Those players who do this will be talked to giving a warning and than kicked if they continue to do any instigating.

If more information is needed please feel free to message me. Or visit our site, and or facebook.



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