The Tillers and The order of the cloud serpent.

I just reached level 90 on my hunter in the beta yesterday, Yes I know long time, for me to hit 90. Well unlike half the other beta players, I actually like to enjoy my time playing beta while uncovering, glitches/bugs and so on.

So as I hit 90 the ability to fly in Pandaria becomes unlocked, but here’s the thing in order to get this so called skill. You need to become exhalted with, yes you guest it, The order of the cloud serpents. So as Of today, I am going to try and get exhalted as fast as possible, to see if the rumors are true, about being able to CUSTOMIZE your very own Cloud Serpent. Which would be totally awesome, if it is true!

The Tillers, yes yes, this is the, I don’t want to say faction, group of Pandarians that you gain rep with and do quests with to learn how to FARM for ingredients and so on in WoW. I have been looking for the starting quest, I just can’t seem to find him.

But it starts with the quest called: A helping hand!

Might of just been me, I was tired yesterday after hitting level 90 approximately at 2 am, And after I hit 90 I went straight into the Heroics… But that is another post in itself. 

But I will leave you with this, You will fear for your Character’s life, in these heroics they are way better than the Cata Hero’s. 😀

~Delphiä- Beta Hunter~


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