The Tillers- Farming

Well I did, a lot today. Discovering that the starting quest NPC to the TILLERS. is near the Halfhill market, Which is Sunsoaked Ranch. It is right next to the Halfhill market.

I also took a lot more snapshots so here is a link to that

Anyway, As I have begun to do the dailies with the tillers, I find out that the damn plants can’t be harvested until the Next day. -.- So that lead me to the other rep grinding area. The Cloud Serpents, but that is for the next post.

I would like to Talk more about this Halfhill market, You know that cooking training everyone has been asking about? Well if you go to the Halfhill market located in the zone Valley of  the FOUR WINDS. There you can learn new recipes AFTER you do a crap load of cooking daily quests. Each Pandaren chef will teach you a new recipe After you have completed a quest for them which is a lot of quests, but worth it since you learn new recipes, and gain rep, Plus earn money.

How do you open up the quest givers? I do not know honestly I breezed right through the quests like a bat out of hell! Because I was trying to find the TILLER quest. But a helpful site should have the answers, since they are up to date with a lot of BETA information.

Next post to come: The Order of the Cloud Serpent.


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