To Correct Myself in a Previous post

When I said you need to be exhalted with the order of the cloud serpent to get the “specific” flight training, I was wrong about that, in fact when I did more exploring and questing, and Found that the one quest I had lead to the “New Dalaran” of MoP.

Which is located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. For the Horde it is the shrine of two moons and for the Alliance it is the Shrine of Seven Stars -.-.

there you can get the flight training you need to be able to fly around Pandaria. The trainer is located on the second floor so, just go up the stairs and around, he is flying on a serpent, you cannot miss him.

The cost, well in beta it was 2,300G I am pretty sure if you get exhalted through out your travels the price will go down. 


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