Mounts Dailies and Challenges, Oh my…..

As usual I am here to catch you all up what everyone has been discussing about MoP (Mists of Pandaria) I’m basically the go to gal of dumbing it down. Wish I had a job doing this lol. 

Okay so here is the run down with the mounts. You have a superior level 85 with all of the Mounts from dungeons, raids and grinds from factions. Even that hard to make “Chopper”. Well now, you hear about the new mounts that you have to grind for, “The Cloud Serpents” So you level your 85 to 90, start the dailies with the order of the cloud serpents. Get to exhalted get your mount. But now you are dreading this:

“Oh my gosh, I have to do all this grinding again on my alts!!”

No you don’t have to, because as soon as your alts hit level 20 those mounts are accessible to your alts, Meaning no more grinding for the Infamous Nether drakes, or the New cloud serpent. Although this is in beta, if they change it were you have to get exhalted again, I myself will scream my head off because it is a pain in the arss, Literally!

Now for the low down on dailies, Some players around the World of Warcraft  have this thing a pet peeve about sitting down for a couple minutes to fish and level their fishing up. Granted it is boring as hell, but unfortunately, they want you to fish for cooking materials.

I am one of those people who don’t like fishing in this game, because it bores me, I am one of those who would rather buy the materials I need for cooking. Yet, getting your fishing maxed leads to a guild achievement if your honored with your guild, so I would do that. When the materials become too expensive on the auction house, I sat my Pandaren butt down and started fishing. 

The dailies, Include killing big cats, birds, and other animals as well for cooking materials. You need 10 golden carp to make 5 fish cakes for the one daily, and 5 raw tiger steaks for another daily. So basically when you get to level 90 you won’t be in short supply of things to do!

You also have to farm for cooking matts as well as farm to gain rep with the Tillers. And I have found this out, the tillers are also the ones who supply you with the new cooking recipes. So, opening up the Npcs for the cooking quests, Starts with the Helping Hand quest that Farmer Yoon gives you.

So basically here is the run down, Level 1 to 90, Fish, fish fish fish, so you don’t have to worry about leveling your fishing at 90 and take longer at getting the materials you need. Because the materials won’t always be on auction house and when it is on the auction house it will be expensive -.-.

Dungeon Challenges: Is a daily thing that you pick up from the shrine of two moons or the shrine of the seven stars on the lower level from a Pandaren, his name atm is Unknown -.- Nice one blizz!  Dungeon Challenges are available at level 90 and are yes, recorded onto the website. What’s the point of these challenges? You get money and rep, plus VP’s which will be used to upgrade your gear…

Factions there are a lot of factions…. Which Wowhead has been nice enough to list 🙂

Check it out.
Yes each daily you get Valor Points, rep, and gold, Coins that are turned into Golden Coins, with one of the factions I believe it’s the Golden Lotus, which you can use to Purchase items with.

Well that is the skimmy on everything I have come across thus far.


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