The Confusion has spread: Patch 5.0.4 Is Now Live- Read on!

I realize that most don’t know that this patch is a pre-patch for the Expansion MoP, that is to hit stores and available for Download on September 25th. 

As many of you wow players can see they implemented the new talent tree’s, glyphs, spells, and so on. A lot of confusion is around the Pet Battle System, and A.B items. I will explain it right now.


Pet Battle System: Not Available until September 25th
Mounts and Pets: If you do not see your other toon’s pets or mounts on the toon you just signed on, that is because you need to sign on to the toon that is basically your completionist to obtain the pets and mounts on the other toons. Yes it works across realm, Because this has become ACOUNT BOUND.
Titles and AchievementsSame with the pet and mount situation, sign on to your completionist toon, to get it on all your other toons.

If you do not see all your titles, that is because you need to reach a certain level, Example: King Slayer, is from the Icecrown citadel raid. Therefore you must hit level 80 to get the title, at least that is what happened for me.

Secondly, the mounts. You do not have to grind rep or anything with the factions that you have bought the mounts from. Just because you cannot ride it at a low level doesn’t mean you won’t be able to ride it, when you get the FLIGHT TRAINING. Just clarifying that for you guys and gals.

Third: The invasion on theramore isle doesn’t happen until August 31st or SEPT 1st. So Calm Down!


And last, It’s a patch there are going to be issues, stop complaining and yes there will be wipes, because people are still getting use to the set-up. Calm down, Play the game and re-learn your toon.



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