5.0.4 More to know

I logged onto my Deathknight that I haven’t played in a while. Now, she is an Inscriptionist, and here’s the thing. I go to my trainer look at the new stuff that came out, and I can already make MONK glyphs. But that’s not what shocked me, What shocked me is when I got near to the end of the trainers list and saw, STAFF’S, YES! staff’s weapons yes. Inscriptionists can make STAFF’S. 

Not only that I noticed that the Death And Decay spell, no longer has a threat generating ability. Hmm, thought to myself, GOOD, no more losing aggro to DK’S Dnd ability, unless they are BLOOD SPEC, which is tank.

Another thing I noticed, Guild Experience and Reputation has been increased. Instead of getting 1 -15 rep with your guild you now get 167 rep with your guild. As for the GUILD EXPERIENCE. If you have a small guild like mine, you will enjoy this 5.0.4 patch. 

Getting a guild to level up is more easier now, since the experience has been increased. So let’s say you only have 2 people on or even 3, that’s enough to level the guild up all the way to 25 in a matter of 2 weeks. Or so I was told, Well I and some of my mates will be trying this out.

Yes I was a beta tester, I just didn’t test out all the prof or guild stuff, I stuck to my Beta testing hunter, and Druid. SO there you have it. Interesting new things.

I will be updating this blog more and more as I begin to play my toons again.


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