Paladin Changes

For those who have a Paladin Character, you will notice a BIG change in spells, and Aura’s Verses seals. 

You no longer have any aura’s, No Prot, Ret, Resistance, Holy or Con Aura. Instead of Aura’s you have your Seals.

Seal of Truth,Seal of Righteousness, and Seal of insight.

Seal of Truth is what you want for TANKING
Seal of Righteousness is what you want for Dpsing
Seal of Insight is what you want for Healing.

Make sure these seals are activated for the spec you are using at the time.

Now here is the down fall that I have found in tanking, /sigh Losing aggro.  Back to the old days of FAST TABBING, why? Because our AOE spells no longer generate that “GREAT” threat.

So, a heads up for the dps, Please let us tanks get aggro, and I mean COMPLETE aggro, So basically ATTACK what the TANK attacks, to save the frustration.

Paladins have new spells, or should I say altered spells.

Tank- Holy wrath is now a tank attack and should be used when it is cooled down. It hits all targets in range and stuns undead. Consecrate has a lesser cool-down and should be used often, to keep your aggro going or to gain it back.

Holy- You have a range attack that does a hefty amount of damage. Believe it is called Denounce, it is a great attack for Holy Paladins when they have nothing to heal lol. Healing spells are still the same, Beacon of light is now permanent on the target you select. But has a 3 minute cool-down.

Retribution, nothing much has changed, however you do not have consecrate anymore it is tank only now. You have to have Sword of Light, it is your MASS dps out-put. And for the record, KEEP RIGHTEOUS FURY OFF! Geebus. 

*Note- Intellect is now converted to spellpower, Intellect/Mana pools go with your level, so it the amount of intellect you have, that will be your spellpower now.


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