Monk Class: Gear wise

I have seen a lot of confusion when it comes to gear for this class. Oh how I would like it, if monks didn’t need to use Leather Agility gear! Unfortunately they do, on top of rogues and druids. So there has been arguments in dungeon runs, between these classes.

Let me make this perfectly clear:

Brewmaster is the tank class and just like druid tanks they too need agility.
Windwalker is the dps class and the same thing applies here, they need agility, crit and hit like a rogue.
Mistweavers are the healers and intellect users, and need the intellect gear, cloth and then leather at 40 for their armor specialty.

It is very hard to come by intellect leather gear at low levels, so if a mistweaver monk needs on cloth don’t get all snippity and argue with them.

Put it bluntly, I do not want to see a damn windwalker or brewmaster in intellect gear! Windwalker and Brewmaster do not need Intellect. And it does make you a little bit squishy.

So for the record.

Brewmaster and Windwalker- AGILITY gear
Mistweaver- Intellect gear


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