We Are Leveling and doing old raids

The guild is now level 14, I know I haven’t been updating much as of late, but that is because I have been enthralled with the game. I have been doing dungeons and raiding to get a majority of information about bosses, and mechanics for strategy guides to post on our site.

I just hope my Computer doesn’t crash again before I can put up the guides.

As of Patch 5.1 Possible Battle Pets will drop from classic to Northrend raid bosses. Like say, Mr. Bigglesworth 🙂

It isn’t a 100% drop rate but it is worth doing old raids to get these pets and achievements.

Ahn’ Qiraj
Molten Core

And many more to come. Some of us have been doing old raids just for achievements and titles, like Black Temple, I and Posiden are working on Black Temple, We cleared all bosses, but Haven’t Defeated Illidan yet, We were about too last night, but low and behold a Thunderstorm rolled into our Area. 😦

Well I guess we can try tonight, hopefully with NO storms ruining our plans grr. You are all free to join us, but we won’t be on until late tonight. Around 12 midnight or 1 am. 


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