How do you get a Brawler’s Guild Invitation

The Brawler’s guild was added in patch 5.1. What is the Brawler’s guild? The Brawler’s guild, is, how can I explain it? It’s like Fight club for those who enjoy PVE. It pretty much tests your dps, and how well you can deal with mechanic’s of bosses. I’m not sure if you can do it as a group or if it’s just Solo. I’ve done it solo, yet I have seen 2 to 3 people in there at once, Yet I am not sure if they were in a group. These arena’s are located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

3 ways to obtain your invitation:

1. Black Market Auction House, located in the Vieled Stair the starting bid is 1,000 gold.

2. You have a chance at obtaining an invitation by killing the following NPCS:
Alliance:  Kar Warmaker, Muerta, Ubunti the Shade.
Horde:  Dalan Nightbreaker, Disha Fearwarden, Mavis Harms.
These NPC’S are rare and are located in Krasarang wilds, they also have a chance at dropping epic Pvp Trinkets.

3. Invitation from a Friend:
Upon hitting Rank 7, Brawlers will achieve The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild and be sent a Brawler’s Pass / Brawler’s Pass in the mail. This item has a one-time use and is BoE. You can send it to a friend or put it on the AH for a profit. The Brawler does not get additional invitations in the mail, but can do Brawler’s Guild on alts to rank up and send more invitations to friends.

The Alliance fight club is located in the Deeprun Tram while the Horde’s arena is located in the Valley of Honor, it has a distinct portal color. Last time I saw, the color was green, yet now it’s Purple/Pink.

Happy Hunting, and Have fun.


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