Recently, with the expansion there are new ways to obtain, Valor points, and a chance at epic gear. Scenario’s.

Scenario’s the way it works:
3 players join together, whether it be random pugged, with friends or guild members. Only 3 players are allowed in a scenario. Tank Heals Dps, or 2 dps and heals, or all dps or tank and just dps. If you’re doing it randomly with out friends.

My team consists of, me as the tank (HolyCow), Posiden, as my healer or dps. and Dragonchyld our famed guild hunter as another dps. Scenario’s are just like Dungeon instances, with goals to do, instead of just killing mobs and bosses for gear. Scenarios are basically story lines that you participate in.

What drops from the greater cache treasures chest, that winds up in your inventory after every scenario? Gold, Gear, and extra Justice or Valor Points. Granted gear that drops is not always what you need, yet you can sell it to the vendor for some extra gold. So no complaints here, since I could use the extra coinage :).

Recently though, I was asked to do some Walk through’s for the Scenario’s. My answer to that, sure I will do the walk through’s. Since there isn’t much explanation during the Scenario, just what goals are needed to be completed.

The walk through’s will be available on our guild site in a couple of days, as soon as I finished with all of them. So check back often for updates.



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