Domination Point and Lion’s Landing

I have been told that a majority of players are not receiving the quest, Called Domination Point -Find The Scout objective, as soon as they go to Orgrimmar.

Here’s a little tip that might help, if you do not get this quest as soon as you enter Orgrimmar  be it through hearthing, teleporting, or Logging on. You’re either not level 90 or You are having a UI problem. Which can be fixed by reloading UI, and or Logging off and back in with ADDON’S disabled. If That doesn’t work, contact blizzard in-game support.

Domination Point is located in the Krasarang Wilds. Faction for the Horde is Dominance Offensive. And for the Alliance it’s Lion’s Landing in Krasarang Wilds and their factions is Operation: Shieldwall.

When you receive a quest in your major city, Orgrimmar and Stormwind it will send you to your factions bases. Which opens up quests for you to do, to gain rep. Yes You can do dailies here, which reward you with money, reputation and so on. When killing NPC’s for alliance you will receive the following item: Domination Point Commission which is dropped by Horde NPC’s you’ll need for completing dailies. And Lion’s Landing Commission is dropped by Alliance NPCs you’ll need for the horde completion of dailies..

WowHead has more information on these objects and gear that you can obtain.



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