Domination Point and Lion’s Landing

I have been told that a majority of players are not receiving the quest, Called Domination Point -Find The Scout objective, as soon as they go to Orgrimmar.

Here’s a little tip that might help, if you do not get this quest as soon as you enter Orgrimmar  be it through hearthing, teleporting, or Logging on. You’re either not level 90 or You are having a UI problem. Which can be fixed by reloading UI, and or Logging off and back in with ADDON’S disabled. If That doesn’t work, contact blizzard in-game support.

Domination Point is located in the Krasarang Wilds. Faction for the Horde is Dominance Offensive. And for the Alliance it’s Lion’s Landing in Krasarang Wilds and their factions is Operation: Shieldwall.

When you receive a quest in your major city, Orgrimmar and Stormwind it will send you to your factions bases. Which opens up quests for you to do, to gain rep. Yes You can do dailies here, which reward you with money, reputation and so on. When killing NPC’s for alliance you will receive the following item: Domination Point Commission which is dropped by Horde NPC’s you’ll need for completing dailies. And Lion’s Landing Commission is dropped by Alliance NPCs you’ll need for the horde completion of dailies..

WowHead has more information on these objects and gear that you can obtain.




Recently, with the expansion there are new ways to obtain, Valor points, and a chance at epic gear. Scenario’s.

Scenario’s the way it works:
3 players join together, whether it be random pugged, with friends or guild members. Only 3 players are allowed in a scenario. Tank Heals Dps, or 2 dps and heals, or all dps or tank and just dps. If you’re doing it randomly with out friends.

My team consists of, me as the tank (HolyCow), Posiden, as my healer or dps. and Dragonchyld our famed guild hunter as another dps. Scenario’s are just like Dungeon instances, with goals to do, instead of just killing mobs and bosses for gear. Scenarios are basically story lines that you participate in.

What drops from the greater cache treasures chest, that winds up in your inventory after every scenario? Gold, Gear, and extra Justice or Valor Points. Granted gear that drops is not always what you need, yet you can sell it to the vendor for some extra gold. So no complaints here, since I could use the extra coinage :).

Recently though, I was asked to do some Walk through’s for the Scenario’s. My answer to that, sure I will do the walk through’s. Since there isn’t much explanation during the Scenario, just what goals are needed to be completed.

The walk through’s will be available on our guild site in a couple of days, as soon as I finished with all of them. So check back often for updates.


How do you get a Brawler’s Guild Invitation

The Brawler’s guild was added in patch 5.1. What is the Brawler’s guild? The Brawler’s guild, is, how can I explain it? It’s like Fight club for those who enjoy PVE. It pretty much tests your dps, and how well you can deal with mechanic’s of bosses. I’m not sure if you can do it as a group or if it’s just Solo. I’ve done it solo, yet I have seen 2 to 3 people in there at once, Yet I am not sure if they were in a group. These arena’s are located in Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

3 ways to obtain your invitation:

1. Black Market Auction House, located in the Vieled Stair the starting bid is 1,000 gold.

2. You have a chance at obtaining an invitation by killing the following NPCS:
Alliance:  Kar Warmaker, Muerta, Ubunti the Shade.
Horde:  Dalan Nightbreaker, Disha Fearwarden, Mavis Harms.
These NPC’S are rare and are located in Krasarang wilds, they also have a chance at dropping epic Pvp Trinkets.

3. Invitation from a Friend:
Upon hitting Rank 7, Brawlers will achieve The Second Rule of Brawler’s Guild and be sent a Brawler’s Pass / Brawler’s Pass in the mail. This item has a one-time use and is BoE. You can send it to a friend or put it on the AH for a profit. The Brawler does not get additional invitations in the mail, but can do Brawler’s Guild on alts to rank up and send more invitations to friends.

The Alliance fight club is located in the Deeprun Tram while the Horde’s arena is located in the Valley of Honor, it has a distinct portal color. Last time I saw, the color was green, yet now it’s Purple/Pink.

Happy Hunting, and Have fun.

We Are Leveling and doing old raids

The guild is now level 14, I know I haven’t been updating much as of late, but that is because I have been enthralled with the game. I have been doing dungeons and raiding to get a majority of information about bosses, and mechanics for strategy guides to post on our site.

I just hope my Computer doesn’t crash again before I can put up the guides.

As of Patch 5.1 Possible Battle Pets will drop from classic to Northrend raid bosses. Like say, Mr. Bigglesworth 🙂

It isn’t a 100% drop rate but it is worth doing old raids to get these pets and achievements.

Ahn’ Qiraj
Molten Core

And many more to come. Some of us have been doing old raids just for achievements and titles, like Black Temple, I and Posiden are working on Black Temple, We cleared all bosses, but Haven’t Defeated Illidan yet, We were about too last night, but low and behold a Thunderstorm rolled into our Area. 😦

Well I guess we can try tonight, hopefully with NO storms ruining our plans grr. You are all free to join us, but we won’t be on until late tonight. Around 12 midnight or 1 am. 

Updates and Mounts: ANZU

As of 4.0.1, you no longer need a druid with an Essence-Infused Moonstone to summon Anzu.

That’s right, you no longer need the druid to help you get the ANZU mount from the heroic Sethekk halls. And he is easily solo-able at 85 and definitely easy at 90.

Our guild is now level 12: Mr. Popularity.

Rep when killing monsters and turning in quests increased by 10%

People were asking about the Shado Pan quest dailies, You must earn honored with the Golden lotus to start the shado pan dailies quests. and then Revered to continue the Shado Pan dailies quest.

Golden Lotus dailies can be found in the Vale of Eternal blossoms, So have fun!