About Our Guild

Welcome to the Soul Collectors Guild

Soul Collectors is one of the fewest guilds on Hyjal, which is dedicated to their members. We are always open to conversation and are always listening to what our guild mates want or need. We try to fulfill every-one’s needs and or wants. We are a small guild right now but we are very hopeful that our guild will grow into something bigger.

What we look for in players, is the mentality to not take things too seriously, yet respect rules set in a guild. We look for players that know how to play their character correctly and ask if they need help learning the basics for their character or for rotation tips. We are looking for those who are just looking for a guild that doesn’t ignore them in the mass member pile ups.

We expect patients, no drama or stress for anyone in our guild. We expect players, to ask for help instead of just sitting there getting angry and then leaving. We are not mind readers and we are always open and free to help those in need.

Our Future goals; to raid all those raids out there, to become that level 25 guild. To keep enjoying our guild and its members to have fun and complete achievements together, To never lose track of what’s important, or get a big head when we get our goals done. To always be that fun laid back casual social guild.

Contact Information: SoulCollectors_Guild@yahoo.com -Holycow/Posiden


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