Pet Battle System- Beta Test

Since I re-installed the Beta, I had the opportunity to try out the beta Pet Battle system. I must say, I felt like I was playing Pokemon. 

First You must train to use the Pet Battle System. The trainer is up top the Orgrimmar city near the flight trainer for horde, I don’t know where the Alliance one is, Since I don’t play Alliance… However, this is beta, so they might move him.

After you have trained, you will see that he also has a pet for you, again this is beta I am not sure if the pet will be available during live.

Now since you have trained you will get a quest called learning the ropes: This quest says you have to win a pet battle.. Now you can fight someone else’s pet/companion. Or you can go out through out Azeroth or any where that has capture-able critters. You will know that they are Capture-able, by the PAW print above their head. It will also have a Paw print indicator on your Mini Map.

Again this is in beta So if it is still like this during the Live play. Awesome. If not than I will write up another Information post at that time explaining how it is done.

But from what I have learned is you can capture any critter, that has the paw print over their head. only thing is your companion has to be the same level or a little bit higher to win the fight.

You can Fight other player companions, or fight the wild companions and earn new pets. Which I must say is pretty awesome!  Yes capturing pets goes toward the PET ACHIEVEMENTS. Lets hope they keep it for live as well.

Your companion levels by fighting. win fights more often and you will see your companion level, and learn new spells on the way as well.


Forgot to mention that in order to capture another companion you need to get one of your companions to level 3 in order to unlock the trap spell.

Also critters that are level 6 will have 2 critters in battle instead of 1, so make sure your companion is at least the same level or 2 level’s higher.

And yes it is definitely like Pokemon you will have 3 slots to put your companions in, you can also switch between your companions during the battle.

They also implicated in beta a find battle system. Matching players with the same skill level to do battle. now I haven’t tried that part out but when I do I will be posting about it 🙂


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